Parents and friends of The Sound Company comprise a large corps of dedicated, hard-working volunteers who, together fill essential roles in the organization. Please email the parent manager for your group if you are able to help out or have questions. You can also indicate your willingness to help by filling out the form below.

See below for more complete descriptions of the volunteer needs.

  • Rehearsal Volunteers - communicate information to parents at end of rehearsal during pick up, hand out information, make sure all children get safely picked up
  • Show Committees
    • Rehearsal Assistants - manage performers during rehearsals and performances during show week; help with costume changes as needed; make sure performers are ready for their stage cues
    • Tickets/Box Office - collate tickets for pre-sale; organize selling of tickets before the show; sell tickets at the shows
    • Concessions - prep food brought in by families to sell at intermission; sell food/drinks at intermission; clean up
    • Costumes - help maintain, select and prepare costumes for performances
    • School Show - help organize and publicize school show; collect registrations from teachers
    • Risers - set up/take down risers during show week; aid sets and lighting/sound committees as needed
    • Advertising - solicit advertisements for the program and/or help design ads for the program
    • Programs - Collect performer bios, use desktop publishing to layout program, and communicate with printer to create a program for the shows
    • Sound/Lighting - help set up and run the sound and/or lighting during the show week rehearsals and shows
    • Clean up/Strike - help tear down show materials and clean up the Grove after the concerts
    • Decorations - decorate the stage for concerts and set up display of performer photos for the show
  •    Fundraising - help organize  and implement fundraising efforts

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Sound Company Volunteer Opportunities

We are a completely parent run volunteer organization, we need you! Please consider service on one or two of these needs. Below are brief descriptions of the responsibilities of each need and a rough estimate of the time commitment required. If you need help deciding what to do, please do not hesitate to contact your parent manager


       Communication/Publicity – write press releases for Sound Company events and distribute prior to area newspapers, radio and television, distribute posters around community to area businesses and schools to advertise events; includes general publicity and specific publicity for our scheduled shows and other special performances. Time commitment: need 1-2 volunteers (about 6-8 hours throughout the semester).

       Fundraising – develop and organize fundraising efforts; responsible for scheduling, coordinating with vendors, collecting and tabulating order forms or tickets, placing orders, accounting for payments, delivery, and resolving errors. Time commitment: need 4 volunteers (time varies for event coordination; 2-4 hours during rehearsals for information/form distribution and collection, order delivery and distribution).

       Travel Team – work with trip coordinators to plan all details for group to travel - reservations, meals, transportation, and special events planning, etc.; responsible for communicating travel plans with groups and parents including: permission slips, special insurance requirements, chaperones, rooming assignments, etc.;  collecting payments, manage trip account, pay vendors; attend trips when you assist in their planning. Time commitment: need 4-6 volunteers, time varies greatly through the semester/year depending on destination and arrangements.

       Photos/Top Hats – schedule and coordinate photographs of all of our members, involve scheduling a photographer during one or more rehearsals (photographer already set up for 2012-2013), organize students and ensuring a photo is taken of each Sound Company member; set up ‘Top Hats’ performer photo display in lobby prior to each show. Time commitment: During 2 rehearsals for primary photo shoot and make-up photo shoot – 3 volunteers at each (3.5 hours each day); 1 volunteer to set up display 1 hour prior to each show (.5 hours each show)

       Rehearsal Assistants – assist at each rehearsal with a variety of tasks including support to director, communicating program information to parents during pick up, hand out information, file music, make sure all children get safely picked up.  Time commitment: Need 4-8 volunteers (1 for each group at each rehearsal include our regular Monday rehearsals and weekend rehearsals when scheduled).


       Show Committees

       School Show Coordination – help organize and publicize school show; responsible for sending invitations to our school shows and follow up communication; welcome groups, coordinate bus parking, and assist hundreds of school children in and out of performances.  Time commitment: Need 4-6 volunteers (8-12 hours for coordination each semester; 4-5 hours for school shows, arrive about 1 hour prior to school shows.

       Program Advertising – solicit program advertisements from area merchants, organizations and families; starting 6-8 weeks prior to shows, prepare/update/print ad solicitation flyer and submit to email/web; track sales payment and coordinate submissions to designer; create ads and submit for insertion in program 10 days prior to shows. Time commitment: need 3-4 volunteers (2-3 volunteers for sales - solicitation time about 1-3 hours per week for 3 weeks; and 1 design with software for ad development)

       Show Programs and Posters – design show posters/flyers; print and distribute 4 weeks prior to shows; coordinate collection of performer and director bios via online submissions 3-4 weeks prior; collect song list and show production credits from directors/board; collect acknowledgements from Board; collect ads; layout program and submit to printer 1 week prior to shows. Time commitment: 1-2 volunteers with publishing/design software (design time varies; production time 8-12 hours).

       Tickets/Box Office Prepare and get tickets printed (tickets for Fall 2012 are already printed); collate/distribute tickets for pre-sale; collect and tabulate ticket packets/sales on show weekend.  Responsible for setting up and selling tickets at the door at each performance. You will be responsible for securing the cash box during the show. Be able to work with money and talk with people comfortably at the same time. Time commitment: Need 2-3 volunteers - 1 volunteer to handle printing (about 1-2 hours) and 2 adults for collating into ticket packets (1-2 hours after box office close at last show). Need 2 volunteers for each show, arrive 1 hour before show until ticket sales are complete and materials and money secured (about 1.5 hours at each show)

       Sets and Decorating ­­– create simple sets and decorations for the stage with directors’ guidance; make or gather props that are needed for the show (specialty signs, alphabet letters, etc.), build custom props (such as Santa thrones, sleighs, jukeboxes, etc.), design or secure backdrops, paint various sets, etc.; setup during show week rehearsals; breakdown at strike.  Time commitment: 2-4 volunteers (build time varies on set complexity starting about 4 weeks prior to shows; setup/strike about 2-3 hours each)

       Costumes – plan/create costumes per directors’ guidance; take measurements/fittings; purchase materials; maintain and organize costumes; support performers with costumes during rehearsals and shows; organize/store costumes after show weekends. Time commitment – need 4-8 volunteers throughout the semester, ability to sew is helpful but not required (about 2-3+ hours per week for planing and creating and 2-4 hours at each rehearsal and show)

       Sound/Lighting – set up and run the sound and lighting system during the show week rehearsals and shows. Time commitment: 3-4 volunteers for set up during Monday show rehearsal (2-4 hours at each rehearsal during show week, arrive 1 hour before each show to run show lights/sound. Training is being provided during Show Week Fall 2012.

      Risers set up risers for shows; aid sets and lighting/sound committees as needed. Time commitment – Need 6-10 volunteers one or two evenings during show rehearsal week (about 3-4 hours).

       Backstage Coordination – manage/coordinate performers during show rehearsals and performances; assist with costume changes; make sure performers are ready for their stage cues. Time commitment: Need 8+ volunteers (2-4 for each group at each rehearsal and show)

       Ushers – Provide support/supervision for students taking tickets and giving out programs (generally our young Sound Company Too members) and assist with special seating arrangements. People skills and the ability to deal with unexpected situations are necessary. Time commitment – Need 1 volunteer at each door for each show, 1 hour before each show.

       Concessions – prep food brought in by families to sell at intermission (usually done during Thursday night dress rehearsal); sell food/drinks at intermission; clean up after intermission. Time commitment – need 2-4 volunteers for 1-2 hours to prep snacks on Thursday evening before show weekend, intermission sales/cleanup about 1 hour at each show.

       Strike take down the risers, sets, lighting, and sound equipment; pack and store all equipment, props, scenery; return rented/borrowed equipment; clean, sweep, vacuum the theater, backstage areas, concession area, bathrooms, and lobby. Time commitment: need 15-20+ volunteers generally on the evening after last shown (2-3 hours depends on number of volunteers); sometimes scheduled for the Monday rehearsal time after a show.